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Welcome to WheelWeights.net. This is a database of the weights of a huge variety of wheels.

Currently we're using the wheels catalog at Andy's Auto Sport to keep growing our list. A special thanks goes out to Andy's and their sales team.

For people who want their car or truck to go fast, one factor to consider is the weight of your wheels. In general, the lighter your wheels, the better.

The problem is, it's a pain in the neck to find out how much any given wheel weighs. Not only is it a pain in the neck, but it's very hard to find a place that tells you the weights of all wheels across the board. So if you're shopping for wheels and the weight characteristic is one of your key concerns, it's incredibly laborious to go brand by brand trying to find out the weight of each wheel.

The point of this website is provide a list of as many wheels as possible and their weights, so that as a shopping consumer you can know first which wheels meet the weight criteria you're looking for and then worry about where to buy them after.

The table of wheel weights is at the bottom of the page. It's huge, and is continuing to grow. We have an incredible array of wheels that we've gathered data for, including major name brands like Volk wheels, Racing Hart wheels, Konig wheels, Velox wheels, Enkei wheels, Rota wheels, Centerline wheels, and even factory wheels. Check out the table, you'll see there's much much more than just those.

You'll notice that we list the weights of wheels in both pounds and kilograms, so that we can cater to everyone. Enjoy the information!

Wheel Technology

Construction Techniques:

Forging (including SSF which is a true forging) results in a much stronger wheel. The wheel can therefore be made lighter than a cast wheel, while still maintaining superior strength. Multi-piece forged whees have forged centers and spun rims. Sometimes the rims are spun from forged metal, sometimes they are not. Be sure to ask the wheel manufacturer which technique they use to make their rims sections.

Casting can be done in a number of ways. The most prevalent are gravity casting (pour the metal into a mold), vacuum/counter-pressure casting (suck the metal into a mold) and low-pressure casting.

Relative wheel strengths are as follows: 1-piece forged, multi-piece forged, die (high-pressure) cast, vacuum cast, low pressure cast and gravity cast. The strengths are only relative because weight (or actual mass) affects a wheels’ strength, as does the actual design. Vacuum (counter-pressure) casting is used almost exclusively by BBS for most of their wheels. Revolution wheels are an example of low-pressure casting designs.


You generally want to stay at the same offset as your stock wheels. Changing offsets can result in a change in scrub radius and torque steer (FWD and AWD only).

1. When changing diameters and offsets, your number one concern is to make sure the wheel will fit with your current suspension and bodywork. Every car is different so check with other people who have your same car to determine what will fit with your brakes, suspension drop, body work, etc.

2. When going to a smaller offset wheel, toe-in must be increased (same as decreasing toe-out) to compensate.

3. Going to a smaller offset wheel will change the scrub radius. The only way to bring it back to stock is to increase the overall diameter of the wheel/tire assembly. This has nothing to do with wheel diameter, but everything to do with the rolling diameter of the tires.

4. Different offsets will cause the same wheel to weigh more or less. The general rule is that the lower the offset (less positive), the higher the weight because the hub face is thicker.


Tire Weights:

Tire weights are just as, if not more, important than wheel weights. Tires are further from the axis of the rotation and therefore have a larger effect on steering feel, suspension movement, acceleration and braking. The lightest tires that are commonly available that I know of are the Toyo T1S. The Pirelli Pzero Neros are also light, but not as light as the Toyos. Tire companies will have their weight information, but you will have to get transferred around a few times before finding someone who knows usually. Some heavier tires are Falken Azenises and Bridgestone S-03s. Also remember that larger diameter tires weigh more than smaller diameter tires. Something to think about when going with plus-sized wheels.



The general rule of thumb is that for every pound of weight that you add in wheel/tire combo, it’s equivalent to adding 2x that amount of weight anywhere else in the car. This only applies to straight line accelerating and braking.

Weight also plays a large role in turning (gyroscopic effect) and in handling due to your suspension having to damp all of the road forces. When it comes to wheels and cars, lighter is always better for performance.



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